Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What are the liberty policies for the sailors in training?
Answer:  The liberty policies vary depending upon which unit the sailor is assigned.
Question: What is the zip code and area code for Great Lakes Naval Station?
Answer:The zip code is 60088. The area code is 847.
Question:What are the airport codes for airports near Great Lakes Naval Station?
Answer: ORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport

MDW - Chicago Midway Airport

MKE - Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport

Question:Is there Amtrak service to Great Lakes Naval Station?
Answer: Amtrak does not provide service to Great Lakes Naval Station. The closest Amtrak station is in Glenview, IL which is approximately 20 miles from the Great Lakes Naval Station.
Question:What to wear to a graduation ceremony?
Answer: Your sailor will be dressed in the Navy's Service Dress White or Blue uniform which is the Navy's formal uniform. You may wear want you want from casual to your Sunday's best.
Question:What are the requirements to enter Great Lakes Naval Station?
  • Invitation from your sailor.  Sailor is restricted to providing 4 invitations to adult visitors.  Children under 12 may attend graduation with an adult.
  • Drivers license
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card (if arriving by motorcycle)
Question:What time zone is Great Lakes Naval Station located in?
Answer: Great Lakes Naval Station is located in the Central time zone.

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